Strange Times And Places


Yep, it's another fanfic page...

...In this case, fanfic about some strange British science fantasy show.


Well, actually, it's a Doctor Who fanfic page...

And it's ended up storing fanfic about some weird takes on that weird show...

Strange Ideas

The 'factual' bit of the site, containing the TTR FAQ and the TTR Who's Who. (read first if you're new to This Time Round.)

Strange Places

The out-of-continuity fics. Or 'what the characters do when there're no stories around'...

Strange Times

The 'Doctor Who' AU fics. Fics set in an alternate setting, or with an altered history.

Strange Days

The 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' AU fics. Change one event, and see what happens...


The non-TV fanfic. Fanfic that doesn't fit into any of the other categories...

The Obligatory 'About Me' Bit

Mm. My name's Imran Inayat, I'm in my early twenties, live somewhere in South Yorkshire, and write 'Doctor Who' stories in my spare time.

Gosh, that was informative.

More stuff as and when it occurs to me (and no, nothing's really changed since the first version of the bio...).

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