Strange Days

Twists in the tale. Unplanned events. Unforeseen outcomes.

This is the 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' AU part of the site.

When Prophecy Fails


Welcome to a universe that includes demons, vampires, and Vampire Slayers.

A perfectly normal universe, in other words.

There's just one small catch, though.

Buffy Summers, aka the Chosen One of prophecy, was killed before her time.

The prophecies have failed... but what will take their place?

Little Battles

(AU Season 7)

Tara has a small problem. She's in Spike's body.

Spike has a small problem. He's a ghost.

The Scoobies want to stake Spike on sight.

The Apocalypse is right on schedule.

And there's a kitten sniffing around Spike's crypt.