Strange Times

Strange times. Possibilities that might have been. People who never were. Other ways things could have gone...

This is the Alternative Universe (AU) part of the site.


(Dark Fantasy/Western/Horror)

The Badlands are a world moved on.

A world that echoes the mythology of the Wild West.

Things are... different, here.

But also disturbingly familiar...

The Badlands concept was created by Bradley Keith Willis, based on Stephen King's 'Dark Tower' novel sequence.

Dragon Lines

(Big Eyes, Small Mouth anime)

In the Dragon Lines universe, anything is possible.


Magic. Science. Deities.

Space opera. Paranoid horror. Tongue-in-cheek fantasy.

And when they collide...

The World That Jack Built

(AU from the Big Finish audio 'Neverland')

Welcome to the end.

My other Alternative Universe (Ouroboros) isn't up yet (expect it in a few months).

Here, in 1901, a group is assembled to fight the darkness that threatens the world.


Something has happened.

Something will happen.

Something which will change Earth's history... permanently.

The cycle has been broken. A new cycle has been forged.

And in 2001, the cycle comes full circle...