Strange Places

Where do fictional characters go in their time off? Where do they go when they need to step out of their 'official' timelines? Where do they kick back and relax, meet and chat?

Welcome to some very strange places indeed...

This Time Round

This Time Round, the pub outside continuity, where Doctor Who characters (and assorted others) can kick back and relax after a hard day's adventure...

Includes the Mary-Sue Sequence - what happens when a story spirals out of control... for the writer and characters...

Look Who's Talking

Where do the baby versions of characters end up?

Welcome to Look Who's Talking, the day care centre outside continuity.

Do enjoy your stay...

Fantasy Island

Fantasy Island, a holiday resort which may - or may not - be outside continuity.

But no matter where - or when - you go, you can never get away from your job...

...even outside continuity.

The Wedding Planners

The Fantasy Island crew crash Nerima, Tokyo, for a certain martial artist's wedding Outside.

And find themselves planning the wedding, aided and abbeted by the other denizens of Nerima...

Almost Subreal

One 'Sailor Moon' fangirl Muse. One 'Doctor Who' fanboy author. One very, very weird family.

Mix together, stirring well. Add to pub outside continuity.

Watch the explosions.