Dragon Lines

A psychic idol star chased by a mysterious conspiracy.

A five year old girl with a very special friend.

A magical girl in way over her head.

A mad scientist obsessed with brain operations.

A techno-ninja assigned a suicide mission.

An ex-bodyguard on the run from a galactic Empire.

A spaceship with a serious fangirl fixation.

An elf betrothed to the great dragon who rules her people.

A driven businesswoman caught in a megacorp's secret project.

A web holds the universe together...

...and it's starting to fray.

These things are connected.


But can the connections be found... before everything falls apart?

The Pilot Episode

A story of meetings, misunderstandings and magical girls... with a few familiar faces in the mix.

Cat's Cradle

In which silver cats, crossbow-wielding psycho elves, sex-obsessed space pirates and temporal tourists make things a _little_ bit more of a headache...

Exits and Entrances

Featuring advice from the dead, exploding crystals, living vortices and wrong numbers...

Just When Things Were Starting To Make Sense

Cackling villainesses, people deciding just to lose it, mysterious powers, and extremely pissed off Eternals. And it all looked like it was going to make sense...

Watchers' Arrival

The Watchers arrive - with a serious case of mistaken identity, reunions, and hulks of muscle...

I'm No Angel

The Temple of the Vortex provides questions and answers, a technodemon finally introduces herself, and an old acquaintance is encountered on holiday.

A Hard Day's Night

Identity forging, revelations about the nature of reality, and cups of sludge. And it's only the Eternals' first night here...