Goodnight, Sweetheart

The Third Annual Pro-Fun Troll Hoedown


Chapter One: Introductions And Remembrances

Chapter Two: The Plot Arrives

Chapter Three: Plans, Stupid And Otherwise

Chapter Four: What The Hades Is That?!

Chapter Five: You Didn't Think It Was Going To Be This Easy, Did You?

Chapter Six: Darkness Falling

Chapter Seven: Assistance From All Sides

Chapter Eight: Exploring The Dream

Chapter Nine: On The Right Path (Or Not)

Chapter Ten: Revealing A Few Truths

Chapter Eleven: Breaking The Pattern

Chapter Twelve: To The Dark Tower They Came

Chapter Thirteen: The Stair That Wasn't There

Chapter Fourteen: Lighting The Flame

Chapter Fifteen: Loopholes

Chapter Sixteen: Pulling Out The Stops

Chapter Seventeen: Taking The Quick And Difficult Path

Chapter Eighteen: Paying The Debts

Chapter Nineteen: Evil In Spectrally Uncertain Clothing

Chapter Twenty: Past And Future Principles

Chapter Twenty-One: Arming Up

Chapter Twenty-Two: Awakening The Muse

Chapter Twenty-Three: Brainstorming

Chapter Twenty-Four: Reckoning

Chapter Twenty-Five: Food Fight!

Chapter Twenty-Six: Reunions

Chapter Twenty-Seven: Planting The Seed

Chapter Twenty-Eight: Scavenger Hunts And Sword Fights

Chapter Twenty-Nine: Gifts

Chapter Thirty: Clearing Up The Mess

Chapter Thirty-One: I Say Goodbye, You Say Hello...

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Time and the Campions

by Graham Woodland (offsite)

(Read the Hoedown first. No, really! – Ed.)

Hanging Questions

by Ann Magill


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