An (almost complete) list of This Time Round stories

This is a listing of all This Time Round and related stories I've been able to find. I've probably missed a few - let me know if I have.

The codes are:

[CF] - Clash Fiction. Buffy and Spike hit the Round.
[FI] - Fantasy Island. Stories from the holiday resort.
[LWT] - Look Who's Talking. Stories with the Who toddlers or the day care centre.
[Peri arc] - Paul Gadzikowski's Doctor, Peri and Space Camelot arc.
[SOTR] - Some Other Time Round. Stories of the sinister pub outside continuity.
[TDF] - To Die For. Psycho Nyssa stories.
[TDTO] - Then Do That Over. Stories set at H. G. Wells Memorial High School.
[TWP] - The Wedding Planners. Getting involved in Ranma Saotome's wedding...

Most of these stories are in Google. However, /not/ all of them have the TTR flag. Title and author search /should/ turn these up - failing that, try a word search, too.

Stories listed with (aka < other title >) were originally posted under the < other title > - either the author or I gave it the title under which it's listed.

A couple of TTR stories have turned up on which *weren't* posted to alt.drwho.creative. These are noted in the summary.


One Little Word - Douglas B. Killings - Nyssa corners her prey. [TDF]

One Minute Fiction - Paul Gadzikowski - Book enthusiasm in This Time Round.

One Night In The Channel - Imran Inayat - The TTR muses' reaction to recent Subreal events.

Three Little Words - The Outsider - Adric and Nyssa share their feelings during an intimate moment. [TDF]

Five Little Words - White Dalek (B. K. Willis) - In This Time Round, Mike Yates incurs the wrath of Tegan, and all for five little words. [TDF]

Five Minute Fiction - Paul Gadzikowski - Stressful news in This Time Round.

Seven, Meet the Crew - Shay Gitnick - Part 2 of a 4 part This Time Round story. [TDF]

The Eight Peris - Paul Gadzikowski - The Doctor and Peri tie the knot in the midst of truly epic self-reference. [Peri arc]

The Twelve Days of Psychosis - B. K. Willis - Christmas caroling the Psycho Nyssa way. [TDF, songfic]

19 May 1999 - Douglas B. Killings - The entire gang goes out to see Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. [TDF]

2002 Awards Show - various, posted by B. K. Willis - It's the Adric Awards for 2001! Or it will be if the winners can avoid losing their lunches, their sanity, and their souls...(DA)

2003 ADWC Awards Charity Telethon - various, posted by Imran Inayat - Dalek gangsta rappers, obscene ice sculptures and the Seventh Doctor on the spoons - yep, it's the 2002 Adric Awards... [LWT]

About A Girl - Imran Inayat - It's not easy. Especially when it's your daughter you're talking about.

Access Limited - Douglas B. Killings - Rules enforcement at the This Time Round. [TDF]

Adric's New Role - Douglas B. Killings - What other roles are available for someone who keeps dying? [TDF]

Adric Shrugged - Douglas B. Killings - A small rebellion at This Time Round. [TDF]

ADWC Crossovers From Hell #1 - John Elliott - 'To Die For', Macauley-style.

ADWC Crossovers From Hell #2 - B. K. Willis - This Time Round, the... war movie?

ADWC Crossovers From Hell #3 - Paul Gadzikowski - Five newcomers arrive in the Badlands...

ADWC Crossovers From Hell #4 - Graham Woodland - Earthsea meets...

All Bets Are Off - Mags L. Halliday - TTR's poker night gets off to a catty start. Continued in Imran Inayat's "The Money's In The Kitty".

All Things Scottish - MrWhat (Eric Adcock) - If it's not Scottish... (, story link is on the Doctor Who page, as "Doctor Who drabbles".)

All Things To All People - Paul Gadzikowski - The Valeyard discovers the Doctor can beat him at his own game.

And All Because... - Helen Fayle - Back when the 13th Doctor and the Master were dating...

And So It Begins... Again? - Alryssa Kelly - Sailor Gallifrey reveals a little backstory.

Angelus Ex Machina - Imran Inayat - Sometimes, divine intervention is the only way out. [FI]

Another Anime Crossover - Douglas B. Killings - An anime pain-in-the-ass visits the 'Round.

Another Conversation In TTR - Ken Young - Magnus reveals some things terrify even him. Nanofic.

Another Word From Our Sponsor - Douglas B. Killings - You can run, but you can't hide.

Answering Insult With Injury - Paul Andinach - Some things really get to Number One...

Anticipation - Paul Gadzikowski - Anticipation isn't /always/ the best torture... [Peri arc]

Apologies - Tyler Dion - The Eighth Doctor tries to apologise to Susan with a filk in This Time Round.

Aquatic Hero - Alden Bates - Five minutes of Mel's new persona proves more than enough.

An Argument - Ken Young - In which Magnus and Varne get a new job.

Argument With The Vampire - Imran Inayat - Spike lays down a few home truths. [FI]

As The Bubble Breaks - Joe Wade - Angel's reaction to some *very* bad news...

As Time Goes Thud - K. M. Wilcox - A refuge is discovered. [TDF]

'Ask The Author' Was Never Like This... - Imran Inayat - LWT Management. Mailbag. Big trouble. [LWT]

Author Avatar Night - B. K. Willis - Things get volatile when author-characters gather together.

Back-Ups - Tyler Dion - Wil panics when the archive is lost.

Back Dating - Imran Inayat - Anji tries to get into the 'Round... /again/. Followup to Helen Fayle's "Name Checks".

Bad Will Hunting - B. K. Willis - Nyssa prepares to go after the least dangerous game. [TDF]

Bar Brawl - Alan Taylor - Mel and Zoe have a duel in This Time Round.

The Bartender's Lament - Diane Brendan - This Time Round's bartender ponders something forever out of reach in this poem. [TDF]

Bat Outta Hell - Imran Inayat - A glimpse at how two 'Buffy' characters settle in round the 'Round.

Battle Of The Who - David S. Rubin - A loophole is found in the 'crossover' rule.

Bearing Down - Imran Inayat - Things go up, things come down. [TWP]

Before And After - Imran Inayat - Sometimes, the price is worth it.

Before the Party - K. M. Wilcox - The This Time Round prepares for the anniversary party.

Behind Every Bad Woman... - B. K. Willis - The force that has turned Nyssa to evil is revealed... [TDF]

Bete Noire - B. K. Willis - A confrontation with old enemies leads Number One to an unusual place. Continued in Imran Inayat's "Fallout". [TDF, LWT]

A Bit Of Advice (aka Missing TTR story) - Ken Young - Varne has some unexpected advice for Number One. [TDF]

Black Magic Woman - B. K. Willis - Nyssa's learned the sorcerous arts, but Adric has a cunning plan. [TDF]

Blast From The Past - Imran Inayat - Kari's ex shows up, and she's _not_ here to throw him a welcoming party...

Board Games - B. K. Willis - Adric's troubles from "The Substitute" have gotten worse, causing repercussions in the Land of the Living. [TDF]

Bollywood Babylon - Imran Inayat - Anji draws a few parallels between TDF and Indian movies, with a little musical assistance. [TDF]

Boradosaurus - Chris Limb - The Doctor's spinning another tall tale.

Both Sides of the Tracks - Imran Inayat - Scene setting can reveal surprises of its own, especially in Subreality.

Brad Gets Sued - Joe Wade - Inspired by B. K. Willis's non-TTR 'Surprise' drabble sequence. Who'd be crazy enough to sue adwc's resident gun-toting Alabamian?

Breakfast At Ucchans - Imran Inayat - Thinking about the past, and looking to the future, at Ucchan's Okonomiyaki Restaurant. [TWP]

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do - JFG - A gathering in This Time Round discuss Visions, and the woman who was breaking boards.

Breakout! - Imran Inayat - The Doctor's working on what?! [LWT]

Burn Him! - Bex J. Allen - A 'Dalek' is found in This Time Round.

Cabals Up - B. K. Willis - Sinister rival organizations clash at This Time Round. [TDF]

Cake My Breath Away - K. M. Wilcox - There's something odd about the cake being served at a party in This Time Round.

Call to Arms - Alan Taylor - This Time Round stands empty as war rages outside.

The Calliope Files: Allie - Imran Inayat - Allie's family secrets reach into a piece of the Queen Muse's past - even if Allie doesn't realise it.

The Calliope Files: Xeffy - Imran Inayat - It's Little Sister's turn at the microphone now...

Can of Worms - Paul Gadzikowski - A This Time Round short.

The Canonicity Gap - K. M. Wilcox - The First Doctor gets confused in This Time Round.

Captain Mainwaring's War - Tony Velasquez - What happens when the Brigadier's UNIT force is put out of action and he must rely on Mainwaring's misfits? [TDF]

Casting Call - White Dalek (B. K. Willis) - In This Time Round, Adric tells Nyssa and Tegan his good news.

Casting The Mold - Daniel Ben-Zvi - Things start to slide into place... and possibilities begin to open up. Followup to "A Preponderance of Ponderings".

Casting Off - Imran Inayat - Everyone gets what's coming to them. [LWT]

Casualty Of Flamewar - B. K. Willis - Susan misunderstands the game. [TDF]

Celebrate - Paul Gadzikowski - Synchronicity strikes on an author's anniversary. [Peri arc]

The Centennial Celebration - K. M. Wilcox - Everyone gathers to celebrate the 100th anniversary of This Time Round.

Chaos In Cyberspace - Pro-Fun Hoedown #1 - Welcome to the first-ever Pro-Fun Hoedown! Mind the fractured timelines, though...

Character Traits - Douglas B. Killings - What shows do fictional characters watch?

Charms to Soothe - Paul Gadzikowski - This Time Round piece with a Clapton filk.

Chasing Amy - Richard Prekodravac - (series of drabbles) Wil sees Sam in the This Time Round.

Chasing Skuld - Imran Inayat - Where /do/ you find a teenage goddess with boyfriend trouble?

Clean-Up Crew - Paul Gadzikowski - A plot hole is filled in, with divers commentary.

Clear Sailing? - Mariane Desautels - Frobisher assesses his chances at This Time Round.

Cliche Already - Paul Gadzikowski - A This Time Round crossover card game.

Coincidence? - Ken Young - Maxil hauls Magnus into his office for a discussion about certain... 'coincidences'. [TDTO]

Competition Night - Clive May - Someone has 'fixed' the outcome of The Kill the Little Creep Sweepstake! But the burning question is: qui bono? [TDF]

Common Touch - Paul Gadzikowski - Everyone has romantic problems... [Peri arc]

A Complete Fluke - Imran Inayat - It's just a kazoo, right? A prequel to Helen Fayle's "It's My Party", written for the 'forty' drabble challenge.

Consolation Prize - Paul Gadzikowski - Settling for a TTR story might not be so bad...

Consensus - Paul Gadzikowski - The Doctor is of one mind for once.

A Conversation In TTR - Ken Young - How you /know/ you're going to survive the story. Shortfic.

Counterparts - Johnny Pez - Liz Shaw entertains at This Time Round.

Crazy Moderation Suggestion - Alan Taylor - A This Time Round drabble. Contains bad language.

Creche Groove - B. K. Willis - A battle for control of the cookie supply in the creche... [LWT].

Cresting The Wave - J2rider - Adric finds some... unexpected help.

Crime and Punnish-Meant - B. K. Willis - An author-insertion story gone wrong. [TDF]

The Crime Travelers - Douglas B. Killings - Once, there was a gang who actually tried to rob This Time Round...

Cum On Feel The Dokter Hoo Tribyoot - Daibhid Ceannaideach - Bob and Dave 'entertain' the 'Round at the 40th anniversary party. Follows on from Helen Fayle's "It's My Party".

Cutting Loose - Imran Inayat - A forgotten companion sets out to team up with the gang. [TWP]

Day of the Dead - Joe Wade - For the culinary challenge on adwc. Adric and Nyssa celebrate the Mexican 'Day of the Dead'.

Day Of The Tentacles - Imran Inayat - Something's whacked Roger Master in the face with a mouthful of tentacles, and it's down to Ayna and Xeffy to solve the mystery. Uh-oh... [TDTO]

Dead Again - Douglas B. Killings - Why Adric won't stay dead. [TDF]

Dead Again Celebration - Douglas B. Killings - The Adric Award's namesake reflects on the results of the 1999 balloting. [TDF]

Dead Again Winged - Douglas B. Killings - The usual post-mortem talk is interrupted. [TDF]

Dead Man's Hand - Helen Fayle - Take a fall, or play to win. It's your choice. For the 'cards' drabble challenge.

Dead Not Again - Douglas B. Killings - What goes around comes around. A sequel to "On The Nature Of Obsession" by B. K. Willis. [TDF]

Dead Reckoning - B. K. Willis - Death must deal with an audit by the Mortality Deferment Office. [TDF]

Dead Still Again - Douglas B. Killings - Another post-mortem conversation. [TDF]

Dead Yet Again - Douglas B. Killings - Yet another post-mortem conversation. [TDF]

Dead Yet Still Again - Douglas B. Killings - Adric and Death, together again. [TDF]

Death Match - K. M. Wilcox - A visiting personification meets its local counterpart.

The Death Of... - J2rider - Adric has something not terribly pleasant in mind...

Deja-vu - James Bow - Benny cures the Seventh Doctor's Deja-vu.

Deja-vu all over again - Erin Tumilty - Sam tries to cure the Doctor's Deja-vu.

Deja-vu all over again and again - Jefferson Eng - The Valeyard can't be popular in restaurants...

Deja Vu all over again and again and again - Erin Tumilty - Things start to get a little silly in the This Time Round.

Deja Vu - Yet Again - Paul Benson - Follow up to "The Gala Party" and the "Deja Vu" series.

The Devil Makes Work For Idle Minds - Helen Fayle - A late night anime session on board the Satellite of Love leads to an interesting discussion... :)

Did Someone Say 'Index File'? - Imran Inayat - Allie and Imran try their hands at this 'self-referentiality' thing... Written for 2000's Adric Awards.

Dividing By Zero - Imran Inayat - If the consequences of "Neverland" were messy, "Zagreus' is even worse. Spoilers for the Big Finish audio "Zagreus".

"Doctor, Doctor, tell me the news..." - Mariane Desautels - a suite to "Clear Sailing?"

Don't Judge A Book... - The Outsider - Why judging by appearances can be a mistake.

Double-Edged - Imran Inayat - Friendship cuts both ways.

Dream Interrogation - Imran Inayat - Frobisher heads into the Dreaming to investigate a familiar murder case. [TDF, LWT]

Ducking In Time - Clive May - One of the 'Round's employees takes a much needed time-out.

Dyspepsia Rules KO! - Clive May - Mel mistakes a P for a T with terrifying results.

An Easy Day's Night - Johnny Pez - A lull in the excitement of This Time Round.

Educating Frobisher - Imran Inayat - Frobisher goes undercover at H. G. Wells'... only to find that going back to school isn't as easy as it seems. [TDTO]

El Trakenachi - Yartek (Andrew Lawston) - Adric's trying to take over the world, and only Nyssa can stop him. Wait a minute... (incomplete) [TDF] (DA)

E-Mail From The Home Front - Imran Inayat - Anji and Fitz catch up on the news from back home. [TWP]

The End? - Paul Gadzikowski - Mutual promotion in This Time Round.

The End of The Five Doctors - J2rider - The way things /could/ have gone...

Engineering a Disaster - Kris Herzog - The great engineering minds are set to work on a project in This Time Round on a slow night. Benny shows up and then the fun starts.

Enrolment - Imran Inayat - In which Destrii learns what signing on for the long haul _really_ means.

Escape To Danger! - TTRA #2 - The denizens of the Round must save Harry and Adric from a fate worse than death...

Ever Have One Of Those Days? - Imran Inayat - Fluff. Just fluff. [FI, LWT]

Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldna Fallen In Love With)? - Mags L. Halliday - Dealing - or not - with grief. [CF, TDF]

Everybody Wants To Get Into The Act - B. K. Willis - Francois and Nabiki Tendou try to help Katarina with her self-image.

Every Vote Counts - Mags L. Halliday - TTR has a new addiction, but where are the Doctors?

The Evil that Men Do - Helen Fayle - Sequel to Paul Gadzikowski's "All Things To All People". The Master congratulates the Doctor on his victory...

The Exposition Game - Imran Inayat - Expositions, and how _not_ to do them. [FI]

Face/Off - Imran Inayat - The bitch is back.

Fallout - Imran Inayat - The toddlers clear up the mess from Number One's encounter. Follow up to B. K. Willis's "Bete Noire". [TDF, LWT]

Family Affairs - Imran Inayat - Introducing Chloe, the latest member of the family...

Family Feuds - Imran Inayat - Could this be the start of something big? (well, small, relatively speaking...) [LWT]

Farce Macabre - Daibhid Ceannaideach - A nosy journalist's attempt to get around the 'crossover' rule.

Fare Well - David S. Rubin - In the Land of Fiction, the Doctors pay tribute to the departing Keeper of the Archive.

The Feminine Mistake - B. K. Willis - Adric's love life takes a turn for the even weirder when he meets a girl who is not exactly what she seems. [TDF]

First Contact - Imran Inayat - Is Kari ready for school? Is school ready for him?

A Fistful Of Homicidal Mania - B. K. Willis - Adric isn't back from the Netherworld yet, and Nyssa is dangerously bored. [TDF]

The Florist Primeval - B. K. Willis - Someone has an admirer... [TDF]

Forget Something? - Paul Gadzikowski - Timing is everything.

Freudian Slip - S. Daniel Wilson - Adric opens up to his psychiatrist. [TDF]

Friendly Advice - Douglas B. Killings - Adric gets some odd advice from his friends. [TDF]

Friendly Fire - Douglas B. Killings - Adric tries to get by with a little help from his friends. [TDF]

Friendly Gestures - Douglas B. Killings - Adric's friends push their romantic agenda forward -- whether he wants it or not. [TDF]

Friendly Hopes - Douglas B. Killings - Adric has a really, really, bad day that leads to a moment of epiphany. [TDF]

Furzeday is Filk Night at This Time Round - Erin Tumilty - Sanki introduces the musical entertainment in the bar outside continuity.

The Gala Party - K. M. Wilcox - The This Time Round celebrates the 50th Wilcox drabble.

Games Cats Play - Erin Tumilty - Alphabet games in This Time Round.

Gentlemen Prefer - K. M. Wilcox - Several companions try to confuse the Doctor.

Ghosts Of The Past - Imran Inayat - A simple request provides big problems for Katarina and Sandra... Continued in "Quantum Mechanics".

The Girl In The Mirror - Imran Inayat - Xeffy versus the WANKERs. The poor bastards just can't catch a break... [TDF]

Girl Talk - Imran Inayat - School, boys, and food. Just another girl-talk session in Nameless.

The Glory Hole - J2rider - Adric saved the day... right?

The Goatakri Gambit - Tony Velasquez - The Doctor and friends are mistaken for spies after secret plans. [TDF]

Going To Town - John Elliott - Mel runs into Zoe at the train station.

Golden Agers - Daibhid Ceannaideach - There's a new institution in Nameless, and the Seventh Doctor's companions *have* to investigate.

Goodnight, Sweetheart - Pro-Fun Hoedown #3 - This time, our heroes don't go to Hades. Hades comes to them.

Gratuitous - Susannah Tiller - A glimpse at the chain of gossip in This Time Round.

The Great Ice Cream Caper - Imran Inayat - Trouble in the afterlife, teenage goddesses, and terrific ice cream.

Green - Paul_Pippa - Fitz isn't too happy with some companies' choice of branding.

Ground Work - Imran Inayat - The story of how an unlikely quartet first met.

Grrl Power - Mags L. Halliday and Helen Fayle - The back room of TTR has been booked for a very special night, but it seems some types just can't stop thinking about work.

Guys and Daleks - JFG - A discussion in This Time Round of the best way to get somewhere.

Hanging Questions - A Hoedown Interlude - Ann Magill - A TARDIS patiently nudges her crew to face some difficult questions.

Hard Help - B. K. Willis - The Proprietor is driven to desperate measures to try and hire more staff for the 'Round.

Hath No Fury - K. M. Wilcox - An author commits a fatal faux pas in This Time Round.

Here's... Who? - Imran Inayat - The Doctor's planning a wedding - but who are Bowman & Smith's Celebrations? [TWP]

Hey, Isn't That...? - Imran Inayat - Before you can check in at Fantasy Island, you've got to get there. Preferably in one piece. [FI]

Hideous Kinky - Paul Gadzikowski - Peri's moaning leads to an escalation of hostilities in This Time Round.

A House of Horrors - Douglas B. Killings - What horrors await the cast this Halloween? [TDF]

A Hunting We Will Go - Clive May - The Fourth Doctor and Leela go hunting in the Cyberland Woods.

I Sing The Body Electra - Paul Gadzikowski - Not a family affair after all. [Peri arc]

I Sing The Body Electric - Helen Fayle - Not for the first time, characters compare notes on how badly they get treated by the writers. 2 of 3, followup to "Pop Culture Preferences" and continued in "I Wanna Hold Your Hand".

I Think I'm Going Crosseyed - Imran Inayat - Introducing... the (a?) new Ninth Doctor.

I Wanna Hold Your Hand - Helen Fayle - Love is in the air... much to the irritation of some. :) 3 of 3, followup to "Pop Culture Preferences" and "I Sing The Body Electric".

IA Wrap Beach Party - Rebecca K. Dowgiert - The IA authors and cast meet up in the Land of Fiction.

Il-Lum-Ination - Imran Inayat - Lum crashes the holiday, and Fey reveals her hidden past. [FI]

In A Good Cause - Imran Inayat - Sam has her own method of dealing with dead-fics...

Infinite Eights - Imran Inayat - The Doctor needed /someone/ to fill in for him on holiday...

An Inspector's Lot - Ken Young - Magnus and Varne discover why a Guide Book Inspector's lot is not a happy one... [LWT]

Intelligence Gathering - Paul Gadzikowski - Sarah's journalistic nose catches a whiff of something.

Into The Blue - Imran Inayat - As the Doctor faces the future, the TARDIS deals with her own problems.

An Introduction To Basic Magic - Imran Inayat & Ken Young - Introductory magic lectures at H. G. Wells. Pay attention, this may be important... [TDTO]

Invasion Of The Fan Ninjas! - Imran Inayat - Who are the Fan Ninjas? And why do they make Team Rocket look competent? [LWT]

Is This Thing On... ? - Helen Fayle & Mags L. Halliday - Mags has an important announcement to make. (DA)

It Fitz Perfectly - Alan Taylor - Trying it on in This Time Round.

It's a Kind Of Magic - Mariane Desautels - Evil never wins.

It's A Bar, You Know? - J2rider - Adric has a small gripe.

It's My Party - Helen Fayle - TTR celebrates the 40th anniversary.

It's Story Time! - B. K. Willis - Fairy tales get horribly abused when the toddlers demand to hear a story. [LWT]

Joining the Bandwagon - Mags L. Halliday - Turlough snaps. Part of the "Scenes That Will Never Happen" series. [TDF]

Juris Imprudence - Joe Wade - Why has Wolfram & Hart's new CEO taken an interest in fanfic? Followup to "Brad Gets Sued".

Just Us Toddlers - Imran Inayat - A big hand, please, for... the Justice Toddlers! [LWT]

Karaoke! - Imran Inayat - The Doctor tries to take everyone's mind off things... with karaoke. Uh-oh.

Karaoke Night - Susannah Tiller - Pop sensations the Ka Faraq Gatri and the Space Girls put in an exclusive appearance.

The King To Come - Paul Gadzikowski - Camelot defeats the Valeyard.

The Kiss - Susannah Tiller - Adric may now kiss his bride. A sequel to Helen Fayle's "Scene That Will Never Happen". [TDF]

Knights Who Say Nyssa - B. K. Willis - It looks like a peculiarly non-violent day at This Time Round, until 'they' show up.... [TDF]

Knocking On The Door - Alryssa Kelly - Authorial insertion does have certain consequences, you know.

La Femme Perpugilliam - Paul Gadzikowski - No-one saw this one coming... [Peri arc]

Ladies' Night - Random C - The PMEB take over This Time Round.

Let's Do That Time Warp Again - Paul Andinach - Explaining Gadzikowski's Law of Crucitemporal Interference...

Letter Of The Law - Paul Gadzikowski - The Master takes a part-time job.

Light Matters - Douglas B. Killings - Adric's friends continue to place him in harm's way. [TDF]

The Light's On, But... - Paul Gadzikowski - Things take a while to sink in. [Peri arc]

Like Water for Adric - B. K. Willis - Chaos, curses, and stolen underwear surround Adric's attempt to buy a gift for Nyssa. [TDF]

Limited Access - Paul Andinach - Some characters ensure their entry to This Time Round.

Linguistic Lesson - Paul Gadzikowski - Not everything is lost in translation. [Peri arc]

Liquid Reprisals - Douglas B. Killings - Adric invents a response to 'Adric's Demise'. [TDF]

Listings (aka Missing TTR story 2) - Ken Young - What the guidebooks have to say about the 'Round. With a remarkable level of honesty...

A Little Justice - Douglas B. Killings - Psycho Nyssa encounters a group even more loathsome than Adric. [TDF]

Look Who's... - Imran Inayat - Introducing Look Who's Talking, the day care centre outside continuity. [LWT]

Look Who's Stalking - B. K. Willis - Baby Adric has a hard time with the other children... [LWT; TDF]

Love in a Continuity-Free Environment - Mags L. Halliday - Or, how to tell if your companion is in love with you.

Lovers' Rock - Mags L Halliday - Adric realises he is not the only one in his boat. [CF, TDF]

Loves' Labours - Paul Gadzikowski - Everyone's getting in on the romantic spirit. [Peri arc]

Lucidity - Imran Inayat - The tale of the Sandman's meeting with a newcomer to his realm.

Mary, Mary Sue, We Love You... - Andrew Lawston - Everyone's eager to please a certain short, dark stranger.

Mary-Sue Syndrome - Imran Inayat - The Eighth Doctor, his companions, and an unwary author find a story spiralling out of control...

Masquerade - Clive May - The Doctor tries to warn Adric about a change of plan... [TDF]

A Master For All Seasons - Molly Schlemmer - The Master has some dirty laundry. Double-drabble, written for the 'Master' challenge on alt.drwho.creative.

A Matter Of Identity - Imran Inayat - The visit of an official from the Divinity and Personal Rolls Office sets a bizarre train of events in motion for the Allingham family...

Maybe Some Other Time - Imran Inayat - Allie's prepared for 2001's Adric Awards - but not for her new visitor...

A Meal to Die For - Bill K. - It's Nyssa's turn to cook. [TDF]

A Meal to Die For 2 - Soup Is Served - Bill K. - Nyssa cooks again. [TDF]

The Meeting - Daibhid Ceannaideach - Anji goes to a meeting at Newman Primary... and finds something she really ought to have expected. Double drabble.

Meeting Monsters - Imran Inayat - Charley has a stalker, Ryouga has a brief encounter, and Pokemon fall from the sky. [TWP]

Merry Christmas From The ADF - B. K. Willis - The ADF filk "Merry Christmas From The Family" - their way. [TDF, filk] (DA)

Mirror Mirror - John Elliott - Every time there's a casting rumour, a new Watcher arrives...

Mirror Reflection - Paul Gadzikowski - Adric tries setting a decoy. [TDF]

Missing The Obvious - Daibhid Ceannaideach - Sometimes, the answer's staring you in the face... :) Written for the 'crystal drabble' challenge.

Mithridates, He Died Old - JFG & Clive May - Susan's cooking proves the downfall of the Ether Bunny.

The Money's In The Kitty - Imran Inayat - The girls aren't happy with Fitz's latest round of gambling... Followup to Mags L Halliday's "All Bets Are Off".

More Hatred And Laziness - Douglas B. Killings - Response to the 1/10 Drabble "Hatred and Laziness".

Movie Night - Tyler Dion - This Time Round drabble.

Moving In - Imran Inayat - Allie's family move in.

Murder in This Time Round - Alan Taylor - Who's the murderer - and who's the victim?

Musings - Imran Inayat - Introducing perhaps the only Muse on work experience.

My Life (And Welcome To It) - Imran Inayat - On friends and family.

MPT3K Episode 1 - B. K. Willis - The ownership of This Time Round takes drastic steps to deal with some of the more destructive patrons.

MPT3K Episode 2 - B. K. Willis - Francois gets stars in his eyes and the SOL gang plunge into "Birthright of a Time Lord".

MPT3K Episode 3 - B. K. Willis - Adric discovers the perils of copyright infringement as the SOL gang take on "The Last Cyberman".

MPT3K Episode 4 - B. K. Willis - Nyssa and the SOL gang find even Artificial Reality is no escape from a painful double feature.

MPT3K Episode 5 - B. K. Willis - Nyssa and the SOL gang do battle with the fanfic "Gates of Dawn" and two Number Ones...

MPT3K Episode 6 - B. K. Willis - The SOL crew deals with a cast change as they tackle the fanfic "Confluence".

MPT3K Episode 7 - B. K. Willis - Things get far more bizarre aboard the SOL as a new tormentor debuts.

MPT3K Episode 8 - B. K. Willis - Chaos reigns on the SOL as the crew deals with a triple-threat of literary 'therapy'.

MPT3K Episode 9 - B. K. Willis - Big changes are afoot for the cast as the SOL crew face down a triumvirate of fan-fictional horrors.

MST3K: Sela - Paul Gadzikowski - The "King Arthur In Time And Space" crew confront a "TNG" crossover from the distant past.

Name Checks - Helen Fayle - A new companion tries to enter This Time Round. Continued in Imran Inayat's "Back Dating".

Next's Time Round - Daibhid Ceannaideach - There are new faces at the 'Round, but where did they come from... and how?

New Beginnings - The Antiwesley (Kris Herzog) - Keeping the spirit of the Archive alive. Sequel to "Fare Well".

New Blood - Douglas B. Killings - Adric scopes out the newbie.

New Companion - S. Daniel Wilson - A future Doctor's companion visits This Time Round.

Night Shift - Imran Inayat - Fitz thinks about recent events.

No More Little Miss Nice Girl - B. K. Willis - A musical reflection on Psycho Nyssa's attitude. [TDF, filk]

Nobody Knows The Troubles I've Seen - Paul Gadzikowski - Nyssa finds a support group. [TDF]

Nocturnal Interludes - Douglas B. Killings - Nyssa needs help, but doesn't neccessarily want it. [TDF]

Not that! Not here! - Paul Gadzikowski - Peri & Doc 6 encounter a rare adwc flamewar.

Not The Place I Thought It Was - Allyn Gibson - A new arrival has an audacious plan...

Nothing Major - J2rider - Adric meets two people in similar situations.

Nothing New Under the Sun - Paul Gadzikowski - The Master and Merlin discuss authors and fictional realities. [TDF]

Notting Acquaintances - K. M. Wilcox - Two fanfic versions of the same character talk about life, and men, in This Time Round.

Now And Again - Imran Inayat - No-one's dealing well with Izzy's Inside change. Least of all Izzy. [FI]

Now Meet... - Imran Inayat - Introducing the Round's latest superhero.

_Now_ You Mention This? - Imran Inayat - Friends don't let friends meet friends. Not least for the embarrassment factor...

Nyss and Emby's TV Special - B. K. Willis - ADWC Crossovers From Hell. Roll camera...

Nyssa's Christmas Carol - Daibhid Ceannaideach - Nyssa is visited by three ghosts which show her the error of her ways. Sort of.

Nyssa's Resurrection - J2rider - ...*Nyssa's* dead? Microfic. [TDF]

The Obligatory Morning After Fic - Imran Inayat - Exactly what it says it is.

The Observer Principle - Imran Inayat - The consequences aren't getting any simpler. [TDF]

Occupational Hazards - B. K. Willis - Number One has continuity-related difficulties in This Time Round.

Of Mice and Mayhem - TTRA#1 - On the edge of a cross rip, This Time Round faces a crisis.

Off-beat - Molly Schlemmer - Poetry Night at the 'Round - in the form of a poem. :) [TDF].

Old Tricks - Imran Inayat - The new companions have a run in with the lunatic Cyber Killer.

On The Fritz - Susannah Tiller - Continuity's up the spout again...

On The Nature Of Obsession - B. K. Willis - The Doctor and Nyssa discuss her homicidal new hobby. [TDF]

On Thin Ice - Imran Inayat - Kuno's on a rampage at the ice rink. Guess who drew the short straw... [TWP]

Once Upon A Midnight Dreary - B. K. Willis - The "Desert of Fear" cast makes their first appearance at the 'Round.

Open For Business - The Antiwesley (Kris Herzog) - Welcoming the new Keeper of the Archive.

Out Take - Paul Gadzikowski - Jo and the Doctor have a film to show in the This Time Round.

Outside The Box - Imran Inayat - Conflict resolution, toddler style. [LWT]

Outta My Head... - Imran Inayat - Charley, Ryouga, and Skuld, out of their heads... and in someone else's. [FI]

A Pair Of Kings - K. M. Wilcox - A This Time Round drabble with Yrcanos, Vultan from "Flash Gordon" and the Brigadier.

Paradigm Shift - Imran Inayat - Or 'Return of the Fan Ninjas!'

Party Favors - B. K. Willis - Continuities collide for 2000's Adric Awards... (DA)

A Pause For Thought - Imran Inayat - The Doctor muses over a cup of tea. [TWP]

Peri Brown and the Chamber of Secretion - Paul Gadzikowski - Peri goes to Hogwarts' - or does she? [Peri arc, TDTO]

Peri Brown and the Chamber of Sucrets - Paul Gadzikowski - Mission accomplished - or is it? [Peri arc, TDTO]

Peri Brown and the Chimney of Secrets - Paul Gadzikowski - The school librarian wants to discuss a secret with Peri. Question is, is it the right one? [Peri arc, TDTO]

Peri Brown and the Chimpanzee of Secrets - Paul Gadzikowski - Doubles crossed and swashes buckled. [Peri arc, TDTO]

Peri Brown and the J.J. Chambers of Secrets - Paul Gadzikowski - Full circle (no Marshmen). [Peri arc, TDTO]

Pissed Off - Mariane Desautels - A triple crossover drabble.

Pop Culture Preferences - Helen Fayle - Francois forgets about a crossover character who's been a regular for some time. 1 of 3, continued in "I Sing The Body Electric" and "I Wanna Hold Your Hand".

A Preponderance of Ponderings - Daniel Ben-Zvi - There's a new face at the Round - or is there?

Press Conference - B. K. Willis - A press conference on alt.drwho.creative to explain what's going on. [TDF]

"Princes of the Universe" - Helen Fayle - A horrible thought as to the origin of the Immortals occurs to Duncan Macleod... Part 2 of 2, begun in "There can be only one".

Prodigal Shadows - Imran Inayat - The thread is cut. The knot unravels.

Promotion - Paul Gadzikowski - A casting announcement in the Round.

Psycho Adric: Dead And Back Again - The Odeon (S. Daniel Wilson) - Adric returns from the Netherworld for the last time, in search of revenge. [TDF]

Psycho Nyssa Investigates - Tony Velasquez - Nyssa finds a murder mystery. [TDF]

A Psychopath's Soliloquy - B. K. Willis - Musings of a murderous maniac. [TDF]

Purple Nays - Lorrill Buyens - The Master deals with an unwanted This Time Round patron.

Quantum Mechanics - Imran Inayat - The request's solution is simple enough. Its consequences aren't. Followup to "Ghosts Of The Past".

Quest for Freedom - K. M. Wilcox - Three Doctors scheme to get around their on-screen limitations.

A Quiet Cuppa - K. M. Wilcox - Evelyn Smythe meets someone she can talk to in This Time Round.

A Quiet Drink - Ken Young - Just when Adric thought it couldn't get worse.

A Quiet Night Out - Tyler Dion - The first of the This Time Round tales, featuring the Fifth Doctor, Tegan and Turlough.

Re: Creation - Imran Inayat - The Eighth's companions cope with transformation and transcendence.

A Real Dead Ringer - Paul_Pippa - Ace runs into a familiar face.

Rebuttal - Paul Gadzikowski - The Doctors respond to perceived libel. Followup to Douglas B. Killings' "19 May 1999".

Red Tape Blues - B. K. Willis - Adric battles bureaucracy in the afterworld. [TDF]

Relatively Fabulous - Andrew Lawston - The Doctor can be his own worst critic.

Relatively Speaking - Lorrill Buyens - A private party closes This Time Round.

Rememberance - Imran Inayat - Remembering the dead.

Reprisal - Imran Inayat - So what happens next?

Rest Stop - Daibhid Ceannaideach - Introducing Bob on the way to the Quadrille.

RetroPunk - Tony Velasquez - The Doctor and his companions return to This Time Round to find everyone else has changed. [TDF]

Rite of Passage - Clive May - Adric's about to lose a lot more than his life... [TDF]

The Ritual - Susannah Tiller - Time to throw things. A sequel to "The Kiss". [TDF]

Rock The Casbah - Mags L. Halliday - With two killer babes after their blood, Spike and Adric do what all men would in such a situation. They go down the pub. [CF, TDF]

Romana Meets Sarah Jane - Jerazk (J2rider) - Bringing Romana to the Round may not have been the best idea.

The Rosette - Adrian J. McClure (TimeWarrior) - Drabble. In which a pressing continuity question is given a surprising answer.

Ruffled Feathers - B. K. Willis - A fanfic author must deal with hurt feelings in This Time Round. [TDF]

Sadism 0: The Awakening - Erin Tumilty - Tegan gives Nyssa some help. [TDF]

Sadism 1 - Erin Tumilty - This Time Round drabble with Nyssa, Adric and the Fifth Doctor. [TDF]

Sadism 2: The Sequel - Erin Tumilty - A This Time Round Drabble with Nyssa and Adric. [TDF]

Sadism 4: Christmas Falls On Furzeday - Erin Tumilty - Nyssa's evil christmas filk. [TDF]

Salt of the Earth - Tony Velasquez - Adric's latest attempt to avoid his tormentor falls down a hole. [TDF]

Sailor Who - B. K. Willis - Five companions fight evil their own way.

Satellite of Lust (aka Fanfic from alt.mpt3k.creative) - B. K. Willis - Exactly what it says on the tin. [Adult, MPT3K] (DA)

Save the Shrooms - Tony Velasquez - Psycho Nyssa and the First Doctor meet some freaky fungus. [TDF]

Say It Isn't So - Paul Gadzikowski - And you thought the Doctor's origins were confusing. [Peri arc]

Say It With Flowers - Helen Fayle - Zoe's Flower Emporium, THE place to shop for those Valentine's Day essentials. [TDF]

Scenes From A Playgroup - Imran Inayat - Another normal day in the day care centre, with added harassed demonesses... [LWT]

Scenes That Almost Happened - Douglas B. Killings - Will Adric finally get his fondest wish? [TDF]

Scenes That Will Never Happen - Helen Fayle - The wedding's about to begin. [TDF]

Scenes That Will Never Happen #1 - B. K. Willis - Adric bares his soul. [TDF]

Scenes That Will Never Happen #2 - B. K. Willis - Nyssa gets a new admirer. [TDF]

Scenes That Will Never Happen #3 - B. K. Willis - The WANKERs choose a new idol. [TDF]

Schlock Value - Paul Gadzikowski - The Valeyard sticks his nose, or his foot, in. [Peri arc]

Seeing Double - Helen Fayle - Future developments come under discussion in the 'Round. Followup to Imran Inayat's "I Think I'm Going Crosseyed...".

Set To Rights - Paul Gadzikowski - Things aren't quite as bad as they seemed.

Sex and Drugs and Rock n Roll - Paul Gadzikowski - Benny gets Ace drunk in This Time Round, but may regret it.

She Talks To Rainbows - B. K. Willis - A new student at H. G. Wells' finds herself drawn into the mystery that surrounds one of the school's most notorious figures.

"Shifting planes of reality" - Helen Fayle - Crossover with 'The Lost World'. The varying states of reality on the plateau interact with one of the most dangerous locations yet.

Shock Value - B. K. Willis - An obscure companion deals with alien plots, mustard, and labor relations as fanfic authors throw a party.

Shock Value 2: Electric Boogaloo - B. K. Willis - Lydia finally gets some characterization as she helps with a plot to destroy a certain author.

Shock Value 3: The Search for Shock - B. K. Willis - The plan to destroy an author continues on its haphazard course.

Shock Value 4: Current Affairs, the Musical - B. K. Willis - The Bradleyard assembles a group to help overthrow his enemy and also performs some musical numbers.

Shock Value 5: No Muse Is Bad Muse - B. K. Willis - The Bradleyard seeks a muse, while his enemy has problems with his own.

Shock Value 6: Desperately Seeking Musings - B. K. Willis - An author and his arch-nemesis continue to battle over possession of the Muses.

Sights For Sore Eyes - B. K. Willis - Wedgies, wedgies everywhere when Baby Psycho Nyssa has an eye infection and the "Space Vixens!" toddlers come to visit. [LWT]

Significant Others - B. K. Willis - The darker and more sinister pub outside continuity conducts their own awards ceremony. [SOTR]

Singer By The Sea - Imran Inayat - Songs and secrets by the seashore. [FI]

Sittin' By The Edge Of The Pool - Imran Inayat - Ayeka and the Doctor discuss Time, trust, and betrayal. [FI]

Skool Daze - Imran Inayat - The Eighth Doctor's companions see Chloe off on her first day at school - and run into some all-too-familiar faces.

Sleight of Eye - Imran Inayat - Sometimes, the eye is quicker than the hand. [TWP]

Slice of Life - Paul Gadzikowski - The Doctor makes a speculation.

Some Days You Eat The Bear - MrWhat (Eric Adcock) - A generic TTR/TDF episode. (Fanfiction.Net)

Some Other Time Round - K. M. Wilcox - The Third Doctor transports himself to a far more sinister pub outside continuity.

Songs From The Jukebox - The Clown (Tyler Dion) - The Round gets its very own jukebox.

The Spark Within - Imran Inayat - "No Silicon Heaven? Then where do all the toasters go?" - Kryten, 'Red Dwarf'.

Special Dispensation - Paul Gadzikowski - The Fifth Doctor and Peri take advantage of a trip outside continuity to the This Time Round.

Split Infinitives - Douglas B. Killings - More banter among various fan versions of one character.

Split Personalities - B. K. Willis - Various characters meet their counterparts from other fanfic Universes to help sort out some things.

Spring Break - Break Time - JFG - The Sixth Doctor tries to order a drink in This Time Round.

The Start of a Beautiful Friendship? - Mags L. Halliday - Fitz gets a late-night visitor.

Sticks and Stones... - Imran Inayat - Adric finds a new way of avoiding Psycho Nyssa. [TDF]

The Stork's Misfortune - Clive May - Wetting the baby's head when an Ether Bunny is the father can be a full-time career.

Story Time: Cinderella - Douglas B. Killings - Another story time at the Day Care Center Outside Continuity. [LWT]

Story Time! Jack And The Beanstalk - Daibhid Ceannaideach - For the entertainment of the kiddies, Chris does Jack and the Beanstalk. Sort of. [LWT]

Story Time - The Princess Bride - Imran Inayat - When Chloe gets sick, Anji decides to tell her a story. Except she's pretty sure it didn't go like this...

Strange Bedfellows - Paul Gadzikowski - The Valeyard initiates a jihad. A feud. All right, a spot of bother. [Peri arc]

The Substitute - B. K. Willis - When Death is called away on business, Adric is left in the hands of a substitute. [TDF]

Suddenly Nyssa - Andrew Lawston - The cartoon treatment for odd behaviour works on Nyssa - or does it? [TDF, filk]

Support Group - Douglas B. Killings - A group of characters find some support for their unique problem.

Support Group - Paul Gadzikowski - The unpopular companions meet in the This Time Round.

Sweet As You Are - Graham Woodland - A sequence of alternative actualities taking place in Some Other Time Round. Follows on from B. K. Willis's "Significant Others". [SOTR]

Tables Turned - Paul Gadzikowski - Adric gets his revenge.[TDF]

Take It In Threes - Imran Inayat - Hoedowns and card readings point to future directions. [FI]

Taking The First Steps - Imran Inayat - Consolidating a few changes. [TWP]

A Tale of Three Temples - Imran Inayat - Soul searching, and having souls searched. [TWP]

Tall Tales - JFG - A Tall Tale telling competition in the This Time Round.

Tall Tales Too - JFG - In the Missouri Valley in 1870, the TARDIS crew come across Mr Fink, and help save a village from flooding, using a combination of Gators, Goobers and Glue. Bizarre but wonderful.

Talk Talk - Imran Inayat - Conversations in various heads. [FI]

A TDF Christmas - Douglas B. Killings - Something special's in the air this year. [TDF]

Teeth and Curls - Tyler Dion - Mistaken identity in the This Time Round.

Thanks, I Needed That - Paul Gadzikowski - Cold water still does what it always did. [Peri arc]

Then Do That Over - Paul Gadzikowski - The Doctor relives the 'best years of your life'. Yeah, *right*... [TDTO]

There Can Be Only One - B. K. Willis - Two evil beings try to work out their differences.

"There can be only one" - Helen Fayle - A 'scene that will never happen', in which the True Meaning of Adric's resurrections is revealed... or not. ;-) Part 1 of 2, continued in "Princes of the Universe"

There's a lot of it about - Paul Benson - A bad pun at an Avon meeting.

They Call It Football - Pandora - Sport: religion for atheists. (SCML)

They'll Let Anyone In These Days... - Imran Inayat - Life, death, and delirium in the nursery... oh, and Alsatian puppies, too. [LWT]

Things to Come - Paul Gadzikowski - The characters get together in This Time Round to discuss future stories.

*This* Is Football?! - Imran Inayat - They think it's all over... but is it? [FI]

This Isn't The Yellow Brick Road... - Imran Inayat - Fred discovers the power of PLOT Holes... [TWP]

This Joke - Erin Tumilty - Ace and Benny catch Saint Erin up to no good in This Time Round.

Thoth Agog's Dream - Clive May - A tale of a frog dreaming he is a god dreaming he is a frog. [TDF]

Thunderstruck - Imran Inayat - Anji gets struck by lightning, Fitz has a date with a goddess, and Polly finally snaps.

Time And The Campions - Graham Woodland - In which certain issues from "Goodnight, Sweetheart" are resolved, and the secret origin of Spam revealed.

The Time The Stories Went Dark - Pro-Fun Hoedown #2 - In which everything goes to Hades - and out the other side.

To the Face of the Enemy - Gregg Smith - Half drabble toast.

Too Horrible To Think About - Paul Gadzikowski - Peri is faced with the nemesis she thought she'd escaped for all time. [Peri arc]

Traces of Possession - The Odeon (S. Daniel Wilson) - Turlough is... tempted by the mysterious Dark Guardian. (incomplete) (DA)

Trading Places - Graham Woodland - Or, The Persecution And Adricisation Of Trader Grey, As Carried Out By The Inmates Of Out Of Continuity. (incomplete)

Transitions - Imran Inayat - Beginnings and endings after the 2002 Adric Awards.

The Triad - Tyler Dion - Three lots of Mel in This Time Round.

The True Ultimate Foe - Paul Gadzikowski - The Second Doctor tells the Sixth what they're up against in This Time Round.

TTR - Ken Young - How far would you go for a drink?

TTR Revisited - Ken Young - Magnus's choice of pub leaves a lot to be desired.

The Ultimate Crossover - David S. Rubin - This Time Round gets invaded by the Kool Aid commercial.

Union Maid - JFG - Nyssa tries to get the characters organised in this sesquidrabble.

Units of Payment - JFG - UNIT dating doesn't just cause problems for the fans.

The Uninvited Guest - Helen Fayle - A radw flamewar spills over into the Round. [TDF]

Unparallelled Workload - This Time Round Aftermath - Paul Benson - In This Time Round, Fitz tries to make sense of continuity.

Up On The Roof - Imran Inayat - In one moment, everything can change. [TWP]

Vacation Career - SpaceProg - The Fifth and Sixth discuss possible careers.

Vendetta - Douglas B. Killings - A war on fanfic writers begins...

Veteran of the Psycho Wars - Helen Fayle - Adric asks for an end to the bloodshed, in song. [TDF]

Vice Versa? - Imran Inayat - Izzy. Bodyswapped. Not good. /Not/ good. [FI]

The Voice Of Experience - Paul Gadzikowski - The loveblind leading the loveblind.

Waiting For Doug - Douglas B. Killings - A few lightly-used companions gather around for a drink.

Waiting For Doug - The Sequel - Douglas B. Killings - The even /less/ used companions gather around.

War Is Over - Paul Gadzikowski - The obligatory peace conference. [Peri arc]

Washed Up - Imran Inayat - The Justice Toddlers find themselves onboard a unique pirate ship.. [LWT].

We're All Going... - Imran Inayat - Will a holiday solve our heroes' problems? Fat chance.

We're On The Air! (well, sorta...) - Imran Inayat - Lights, camera... [LWT]

What Joke - Tyler Dion - A This Time Round retcon tale, featuring UNIT, the Seventh and Eighth Doctors, Sam and Grace.

What! No Adric for the Pterodactyl? - Clive May - Well! It's marginally better than whining about the Adrics.

When All's Said And Done - Imran Inayat - A brief interlude in the aftermath of the 2001 Adric Awards Ceremony. Follows on from "2002 Awards Show".

When Nyssas Collide - K. M. Wilcox - A second Nyssa leads to confusion in This Time Round.

When The Dust Settled - Imran Inayat - In the aftermath of S7 "Buffy", Spike has some things to sort out - like, what the Hell happens now?

When Things Go Wrong... - Paul Gadzikowski - The Valeyard gets what he wants. Well, actually... [Peri arc]

Who Force - David S. Rubin - Another victim of the 'crossover' rule.

Who's That Girl? - Imran Inayat - Izzy meets the toddlers. Be afraid. Be _very_ afraid. [LWT]

A Word From Our Sponsor - Douglas B. Killings - As the market moves faster and faster, bad timing can be fatal for an investor. [TDF]

The Writing on the Wall - B. K. Willis - A 'Bad Day' for the Adric Defense Force. [TDF]

Wrong-Footed - Imran Inayat - In which we discover the trouble with jumping to conclusions. Follow-up to "Day Of The Tentacles".

The Wrong Side of the Bed - Andrew Lawston - The 'Nice Doctor' lets down the team.

X, Y, Z... - Imran Inayat - A journey through the worlds of alt.drwho.creative, Imran-style. Imran's 100th solo TTR story.

Yet Another Adric Dead Fic - Douglas B. Killings - Adric gets bumped off again. [TDF]

You Can Call Me Al (or Fitz) - Imran Inayat - Clones. Keys. Ships. And identity crises. [FI]

You Have _Got_ To Be Kidding... - Imran Inayat - The pub outside continuity and the day care centre outside continuity collide. [LWT]

Young, Dumb and Ugly - B. K. Willis - This Time Round's 'bad boys' find themselves a theme song.[TDF]

Zany Zoe and the Application of Anvils - K. M. Wilcox - Zoe's juggling goes awry. Sequel to "Zippers of Zugzwang".

Zany Zoe and the Ballistics of Bananas - K. M. Wilcox - Zany Zoe bemoans her lack of exposure during 1999.

Zany Zoe and the Doodles of Doom! - K. M. Wilcox - Jadi Morok helps Zoe out of a predicament. [TDF]

Zany Zoe and the Pursuit of Popularity - B. K. Willis - Zany Zoe gets some advice from one who has gone before.

Zany Zoe and the Zippers of Zugzwang - K. M. Wilcox - Zoe tries to change her image.

The Ziggurat of Doom - Tony Velasquez - Psycho Nyssa and Adric join the Third Doctor to investigate a mysterious signal. [TDF]

ZigZag - Imran Inayat - A coda to the Big Finish audio "Neverland". The Eighth Doctor and his companions face the price of his actions.

465 stories total (462 complete, 3 incomplete).