Kicking Back

Cassie: Hey, Nita. What's up?

Anita: Oh, sorry. Just drooling over Jake in last week's Wendy... *sigh* The boy can *sing*.

Cassie: Oh yeah... < shakes head > Um, we any closer to solving our problem?

Anita: Uh-uh. They're still out there.

Cassie: /All/ of them?

Anita: Mm-hmm. And you know how they've been too busy to post to the list?

Cassie: Uh-huh...

Anita: They've brought their work with them.

Cassie: So... we have a horde of listmembers camped out on our lawn-

Anita: Yeah.

Cassie: *And they're doing their schoolwork*?!

Anita: That about sums it up.

Cassie: *shakes head*. Wow. And I thought /my/ school was harsh.

Anita: Well, we /have/ got something on the list...

Cassie: *Finally*.

Anita: Yep. We've got Rea's Changing of the Guard-

Cassie: Aw. Awwww... Rob wasn't really thinking like that, was he? I mean, we /do/ trust him and all, and he /has/ been there for us, that's why we wanted him to stay! He's our leader! And you, Suzie and Lobo, /you/ backed him up. Suzie /completely/ broke down when he left!

Anita: Look, the poor guy's got so much weighing him down, it's a wonder he can still /breathe/. He had to do /something/ to lessen the load... And 'sides, "a team's only as strong as its leader". We /didn't/ all trust him, and that /hurt/.

Cassie: And what's with Kon being the new leader? We haven't even /decided/ on a leader yet, and Kon's ego isn't /that/ big...

Anita: Mm-hmm.

Cassie: Hey, /I/ can't be the leader! Stop looking at me like that!

Anita: /Mm-hmm.../

Cassie: /Anita!/

Anita: Okay. We've also got PallaPlease's Legacy, Part One-

Cassie: < boggles slightly > Whoa.

Anita: < grins > I know.

Cassie: "Literary junk"?! She says it's "literary junk"? What is /with/ them and this terminally low self-esteem thing? They don't think they're good enough?

Anita: Still trying it out. Experimenting, sorta thing. It might not come off, so... well, they're cautious. And PAD /does/ set a good standard...

Cassie: Well, that /was/ good. Um, apart from revising the wound bit thingy, obviously, 'cause a wound like that wouldn't kill like that, but Bridget already said that... Um. I'll just shut up now.

Anita: And dixey's Feedback minific.

Cassie: That looks familiar... < reads > Superboy #94 shower thing? What Superboy #94 shower thing?

Anita: < looks innocent > Got me there, mon.

Cassie: Wendy musical episode? What /is/ it with dropping Wendy references?

Anita: Got me there...

Cassie: < blinks > Wait... You /want/ her to have a thing with Jake, don't you?

Anita: < looks defensive > What? I think they make a /cute/ couple. Especially after *that* kiss...

Cassie: Uh-huh. Like you and Slo-bo.

Anita: That is /not/ the same thing.

Cassie: Mm-hmm.

Anita: It's /not/!

Cassie: /Mm-hmm.../

Suzie: Hi, guys! How's it going?

Anita: Great. You?

Suzie: Um, Snapper's talking to the listmembers. He was saying something about getting them to relax a little, they needed a break...

Cassie: < pauses > Wait. Listmembers? *Relax*?!

Suzie: < nods >

Anita: Uh-oh. Remember what happened at Meg's birthday party?

Cassie: ...Hera. < pauses > Suzie... did Snapper have any chocolate on him?

Suzie: < blinks > Yes. Why?

Cassie: Listmembers. Chocolate. Sugar rush. Get the picture?

< sounds of mob of listmembers hitting sugar rush >

< oh yeah. This is /not/ good >

Suzie: Uh oh...


Copyright 2001 Imran Inayat :)