Fantasy Island

Just to start off, some basic principles:

Four universes.

Within those universes, multiple timelines exist.

Multiple ways things could have gone...


A mysterious stranger who travels through time and space, in a British police box that's bigger on the inside than on the outside. A man who topples dictators, overthrows tyrannies, and mocks monsters.

In his journeys, he picks up travelling companions. People from across space and time.

This is the Doctor Who universe.

Although he's usually known as the Doctor...


Once upon a time, a young man entered an ancient cave, and accidentally freed a demon.

Except she wasn't. She was an alien space pirate, imprisoned in the shrine for 700 years.

And very soon, the young man found himself in a lot more trouble than he'd bargained for, when the space pirate's friends, family and foes began to turn up...

Especially when he learned he was an alien prince...

This is the Tenchi Muyo! universe.


Picture the scene:

A college student misdials a number...

...and ends up being granted a wish by a Goddess.

Jokingly (perhaps) he wishes for a Goddess like her to be with him always.

Much to his - and her - surprise, the wish gets granted.

And when her two sisters decide to poke their noses in...

...his life will never be the same. Ever.

This is the Oh My Goddess! universe....


In China, the Jusenkyou training springs are renowned.

Renowned for being cursed.

One day, a young martial artist student, and his father, neither of whom can read a word of Chinese, fall into the springs.

So now, whenever the martial arts student is splashed by cold water, he turns into a redhaired girl. His father ends up turning into a panda.

Thankfully, the curse wears off whenever they're splashed with hot water...

...Until the next time they're splashed with cold water.

And that was only the beginning.

This is the Ranma 1/2 universe...


Four universes.

Multiple timelines.

But what if...

...the characters decided to have a break?

Outside their usual timelines?

Welcome to a little place called Fantasy Island...


Hey, Isn't That...?

Before you can check in, you've got to get there. Preferably in one piece.

The Exposition Game

Introductions, and how not to carry them off...

Ever Have One Of Those Days?

Fluff. Just fluff.

*This* Is Football?!

They think it's all over... but is it?

Vice Versa?

Izzy. Bodyswapped. Not good. Not good...

Talk Talk

Conversations in various heads...

Now And Again

No-one's dealing well with recent events.

Especially not Izzy.

Singer By The Sea

Songs and secrets by the shore..

Angelus Ex Machina

Ssard's looking for the Doctor. Kuno's looking for Ssard. And Urd's looking for an old friend.


Lum crashes the holiday, and Fey reveals her hidden past.

Sittin' By The Edge Of The Pool

Ayeka and the Doctor, talking about Time, trust, and betrayal.

Outta My Head...

Charley, Skuld and Ryouga... out of their heads, and in someone else's.

You Can Call Me Al (or Fitz)

Keys. Ships. Clones. And identity crises.

Take It In Threes

Of hoedowns and card readings...

Argument With The Vampire

Spike lays down a few home truths.